I know you’re aware that Kansas is one of the states with weird laws, but there are so many weird laws in the state. I’m going to list a few of them and show you why you should always pay attention to them.

1. Kegel is a law in the state that makes it illegal to drink beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverage after 7 p.m. (this applies to bars, restaurants, etc. I am not sure how this affects people who don’t drink, but it is a fine). This law has been put in place to protect against people getting high in bars, or even just drinking in an unsupervised environment.

I just did the math. An adult, who is on a keg, drinking 5.2 oz of beer or wine (in the state of Kansas) is a little more than 20% of his body weight. That means that if he eats that much, he is going to get drunk pretty quick and pass out.

I think you can get away with this in a lot of places, but I have to say I am pretty shocked that this is the law. It makes no sense.

You can get away with just a few drinks here. I think it is because we have a pretty relaxed community here, and it is unlikely that anyone would get arrested. The laws are just plain stupid.

Kansas is a small state, and when you have a small number of people doing something, you end up with a stupid law. My home state of Illinois was one of the first states to pass liquor laws, and at one point I even thought I could get away with just a few drinks at the bars. It’s like, “Hey, I can just get away with it because we have a really relaxed community here, and most members of the community are probably pretty harmless.

Well, if you’ve got a small community and everyone is harmless, there’s no reason to make the laws. Kansas is a pretty big state, as you’d expect, so the laws are definitely a big deal. They’re not just bad, but they’re really dumb. I can’t believe anyone would get arrested for drinking inside a bar. You don’t see that a lot in Illinois.

Actually, I don’t think I’d see it that often. But there have been a few incidents in recent years of people getting arrested for a whole lot less. Many people who drink in bars are probably as harmless as you’d expect.

I can see why these laws might be dumb, but I cant help but wonder if the lawless state of Kansas actually puts people at risk. I have a feeling that the vast majority of the people who die in Kansas bars (and other bars) arent even drinking. I mean, for all we know, theyre all just chilling out.

I don’t know if it’s a lawless state thing or if it’s just a coincidence, but if I were in Kansas these days I’d probably be looking at a warrant for my arrest.