I guess it’s better than taking a picture of a law before you can read it, that’s for sure.

The laws of Virginia are stupid. They are stupid because they don’t do anything to enforce them. They just create more stupid laws. They are stupid because they make stupid people who write stupid legislation. They are stupid because they create a kind of stupid, lawless society. And that’s a problem for lawless lawless people.

This is the lawless state that has a kind of lawless, lawless society. The laws of Virginia are simply the stupidest, most pointless laws in existence. They just add to the stupidness. Just look at how many stupid laws there are in the state of New York.

The stupid laws of New York’s lawless state are just a mirror of the stupid laws of the state of Virginia. They are more like the laws of a lawless, lawless society where government is basically a collection of dumb people who are completely oblivious to the stupidity of their own laws.

Laws are simply part of the stupid laws of society. They are laws made in the brain. They are part of the laws of man. They are laws made by dumb men.

The state of Virginia actually has the most stupid laws of any state in the nation. That’s why it’s one of the biggest states in the country. Virginia, just like New York, is a state that has decided to make laws that are so stupid they are actually stupid. This is called the law of dumb. (I’m not making this up.

The law of dumb states that you can go to jail for as much as you want when you violate the stupid laws of Virginia. The stupidity of this law is astounding. The stupid laws of stupidity are pretty easy to prove. When you think about it, this is basically what is happening in every state in America. A bill has been passed that says that you can’t go to jail for being stupid about a stupid thing. You can always just try again.

The stupid laws of dumb are enforced by people who have no idea of what they are doing. One of the laws states that you can’t go to jail for violating the stupid laws of dumb, so someone has to make sure that it is enforced. The stupid laws of stupidity only apply to certain stupid things, like drugs, which isn’t that stupid.

It is a good thing that people are making stupid laws in America, because they make it easier for dumb people to get their stupid laws enforced. It is just like one of those stupid laws that states you cant be a drug dealer, or a terrorist.

This one guy, for example, was arrested last year for breaking the stupid laws of stupidity. He was accused of having a gun in his house, but he had no gun at all, and he was arrested anyway. The stupid law states that you cant be both a terrorist and a drug dealer. I think that is one of the dumbest laws in America.