I bought a “bad” suit (not a suit) for my wife. I am sure I didn’t want to wear it but she insisted. We got it in a size I couldn’t fit into. This suit is a perfect example of why I don’t recommend buying a suit. The color of the suit and the material are both wrong.

The problem is that you can never really know what you’ll be wearing until you don’t wear it. The only time you can really tell this is if you are not wearing it.

The suit, and I do mean the suit, is named saul goodman. Its a simple design with a simple function. The suit is a black and white striped fabric that allows you to wear it straight or half-sleeved. The material is very smooth and breathable. The design is quite simple and the fit is quite good. For some reason though, I feel like I have to wear my suit every time I go out the door.

The suit also seems to have some sort of a mystical connection with a random girl who seems to dress it up for a night out. The girl is called Sula. I imagine she is just a random party girl you meet at a party or something. I don’t know, maybe she is a reincarnation of the creator of the suit or something. I don’t know, I just get the feeling that I am meant to wear it.