I love this article from the University of Iowa that gives some insight into the average salary for a paralegal in the state of Missouri. Although I think it is an overall low figure, the fact that it is so significantly lower than the national average for attorneys means that in Missouri, paralegals actually make a lot more money than the average attorney.

Missouri, unlike most other states, has a separate attorney license for paralegals, so the salary is a little higher – at least in part.

The University of Iowa study was based on 2012 data for the state of Missouri. Since then, the state has begun to raise the salary for paralegals in order to have a higher standard of living. To this new standard, we can now add Missouri’s paralegal salary to the list.

So, if you’re a paralegal in your state, you’re probably a little jealous. Here’s hoping that the new laws will increase the number of paralegals in Missouri.

With the introduction of the state’s new statute, Missouri now requires that all paralegals have a minimum salary of $36,000 per year, although the state says it will not raise this salary by more than $1,750 per year. However, the number still has to go up before the law will take effect.

So, if youre a paralegal in your state, you probably should be a little jealous. With the new law, Missouri now requires that all paralegals (as well as all other legal workers) have a minimum salary of 36,000 per year.

paralegals are often the only legal workers in the state. A couple of years back, the Missouri House passed a bill that would have mandated that all state employees including paralegals have a minimum salary of 36,000 per year. The bill did not pass in the Senate though.

This new law has some major implications for the legal field. Most importantly, it means that, unlike in many other states where the law was passed for the benefit of the legal profession, you will not be able to be a paralegal without having a salary. You can start out as a paralegal and make a little bit of extra money, but as soon as you become a paralegal you will have to start earning at least $36,000 per year.

Also, the bill didn’t get passed in the House because it was deemed to be unconstitutional (which it was not, but the House did not have the votes to pass it). This was a major blow to the legal profession because they had already been expecting this for years, and this was the first time they’d actually have to pay their own salary.

When we first started the company, we were told that at least 40 percent of our income was from the legal profession. Obviously, this is not true, but we only worked for a year or so after the founding so we dont know how much is actually coming in from the legal profession.