I have a lot of ideas for my blog, so I will share them here. This post is one of them.

I had a few thoughts when I first came across the Chicago Paralegal Association’s job posting. The salary is $60,000 a year, but that seems a little high for someone who just wants to work in a law office. And I’m not a lawyer, so it doesn’t really seem like I have a lot of experience with such things.

60,000 a year is $63,800. This is about 2x what you would earn in the private sector. But this is a lot of money to go from a 6-figure salary to a paralegal salary in a year, especially for someone who does not have a law degree. It just doesn’t seem like enough compensation for someone who wants to work in a law office.

That is not to say that paralegal salaries are all bad. On the contrary, they are a fairly nice starting salary for a law firm. And since paralegals can make such good money, there is no reason to pay them less than a lawyer’s regular salary. But if you are going to pay someone less than that, you should probably make it clear that it’s because they are a paralegal, not because they are a lawyer.

This is a generalization that a few people have made, but it’s a problem that can arise in a law firm or school. The reason is that lawyers are generally quite aware of the paralegal salary they are being paid. They see the salary as a way to pay for their own office space and equipment, and they make it look like they are being paid more than they are.

This is especially true in paralegal schools where a salary is often tied to a paralegal’s grade and professional experience. It’s a problem because in the corporate world, salaries are often tied to a lawyer’s skill set, and it’s a problem because lawyers are generally the most senior employees in the firm.

The first step to getting a job with a law firm involves getting on the phone with a human resources person and asking for money to cover your expenses. A paralegal salary is usually a way for a paralegals salary to cover their own expenses. In paralegal schools, a salary is typically tied to a paralegals grade and professional experience.

The problem with paralegals in the legal industry is that they often don’t have enough work to keep them busy, or they don’t want to waste their time teaching other paralegals because they don’t want to burn out. In the US, the average paralegal salary is around $18,000.

One of the reasons that paralegals can make such good income is that most of the work they do is legal. In most states you are not allowed to work in the legal industry unless you are a lawyer. That means that paralegals are forced to work for legal firms, law schools, and other legal services that cater to people who can afford to pay them. For example, in many states it is illegal to charge a service to a credit card without a receipt.

Paralegals are also under-represented in the legal field. For example, in the state of Illinois, there are far fewer paralegal jobs than there are lawyers. More than 80% of paralegals in Illinois are employed at lawyers.