We’ve heard that the average cost of a paralegal position in the state of SC is $31,000. As we’ve previously discussed, this will be a lot more complicated than that. But the reality is that for most paralegals, they need to have a pretty good understanding of the law, and it will require some training.

Yes, I mean this in the literal sense. While most paralegals work within the legal system, most lawyers arent trained to work with the system, so they will need to take classes and some experience in the field to be successful in their paralegal job.

This is very easy to fix. A lot of the legal requirements of a paralegal job are pretty simple to deal with. For example, the job requires you to take the exact same courses that you are required to take for a lawyer job, so you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with that.

I think that the paralegal will be a great career choice for someone, but you will need to convince people that the legal system isnt just for lawyers. The job isnt that bad either, but it isnt a great career choice either. You will need to find a way to convince others that paralegals are something other than the face of the legal system and the worst thing to have about the job.

In reality, paralegals are pretty cool. They do pretty much everything, except actually be lawyers. I dont mind the job because it isnt worth a lot of money, and they probably will do a good job. I wouldnt be very good at it though.

My uncle was a paralegal for a while. He was very good and actually made a great living for him while he was doing this. He worked for a very large firm and would just come home after a day’s work and help his wife and kids with their homework until he was done for the day. He would do this for years if not decades. And if the family ever went to court, he would be there.

I know this sounds like crap, but there really isnt a lot of money in paralegal jobs. There are a lot of firms that pay very good wages for paralegals, but really really shitty, and they are highly seasonal. The best one I know of, (maybe the only one) pays $75.00/hour and requires you to take a class and get a license.

For paralegals, there are many different ways to make a living. The biggest one is the legal profession. Lawyers are people who specialize in the law. They do legal research, write court briefs, they make judgments about the law, and they argue cases. But in many states the rates for paralegals are extremely low. For example, in Washington the average hourly rate for paralegals is only $11.00.

In 2011 I wrote about the state of paralegal employment in America.

I’ve recently read some articles from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries which show that it is very difficult for paralegals to get work. They claim that in 2011 the average pay for paralegals in Washington was only $8.75 an hour. Even if you work 40 hours a week, that’s 12.25 hours per week, or 12.25 hours per month. In other words you only make $1,040 per year.