The following is a breakdown of the New York State Police salary, and then a breakdown of the difference between the state trooper and the NYPD. The difference is probably more than what you are being paid, in fact, it is likely to be a lot more than what you are being paid.

It is estimated that the New York State Police pay $37,000 per year to the NYPD. The NYPD is also the New York Police Department, meaning that the New York State Police pay the local police force the same amount as the NYPD.

For a New York State Trooper to be making at least $49,000 per year, this means that, to be a New York State Trooper, they are being paid approximately $50,000 per year more than the NYPD is being paid.

Of course, this is just a small part of what is being reported. The average NY State Trooper cost more than $80,000 each year in salary and benefits. That is a lot of money! But since most of the money is going to pay health insurance, pension, and other benefits, the state trooper’s salary makes up less than a third of the cost.

But that’s not all. Other than the extra money being paid to the state troopers, there are also other perks like better insurance and other benefits that are being paid to NY State troopers. But it’s the extra money that is paying for these benefits that is causing the rise in the NY State Trooper salary.

We can only imagine the stress of having to spend a lot of time and money on things like insurance and other benefits. Then again, you also have to take into account that the salary of NY State troopers is a lot lower than the state police officers salaries in most states.

The NY State Trooper is a state trooper in New York. NY State has a larger population than many other states, and the troopers are a lot more well-paid than the officers in most states. The NY State Trooper Salary is currently $51,000 for a 10-year career. The NY State Police Officer Salary is $49,000. The difference in salary is due to a number of factors, but the most important one is the difference in hours worked.

There’s literally no difference between a state trooper and a state police. The state trooper salary is roughly the same as the state police or NY State police, but the difference is due to a larger population. The difference between a state trooper and a NY State trooper is due to a larger number of officers in NY State and a larger population in NY State.

The numbers are a little strange. A state trooper on the road for two years is making about the same amount as a NY State trooper for one year. But the NY State police are paid at the rate of the NY State police, whereas the state trooper is paid at the rate of the state police.

The NY State police make an average of 11,000 dollars per year, while the state trooper makes an average of 8,000 dollars per year. But since the NY State police have an additional 3,000 officers, they make about 5,000 dollars more per year than the state troopers.