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There’s some bad info out there about jennifer starkey, especially because she’s a New York City-based interior designer, but as far as I know she’s actually a very good designer. She did an excellent job with the website I use at

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Jennifer Starkey is the best interior designer I know. She is a great designer, and I am so happy she has this site because this is one of the most informative websites I have ever seen. It teaches you all kinds of things about decorating on the web, and Jennifer has great examples of interior design for the home.

Jennifer has a blog on interior design, and she has a fantastic website. Here is an example of how interior design for the home works on her site.

The site’s description is quite nice. It has a lot of great examples of decorating done in this style.

This site is called “The Inside of Houses” because it’s a website and the interior layout for each house is really great. It’s the latest installment in the evolution of decorating in this site.

The website goes a bit deep into interior design, with an emphasis on the role of decorating in the design process. It’s really about the choices you make and how each of your choices influences the whole. The site’s main focus is on the interior layout, with plenty of galleries and photos of interior decorating. The site is full of examples of the style, from furniture to lighting to the general design of a home.

Jennifer starkey is the name of an interior designer, and she is the creative force behind jennifer starkey decorating. Her previous website is located at She started out as a part-time decorator, and has since started her own company with the goal of helping interior designers create more beautiful spaces. She has made a name for herself as a designer in the style of the 1950s and 1960s.

Some of her work includes: “The Art of Beauty,” a book that chronicles a period of time in interior design history. Starkey’s style is characterized by clean lines, fresh colors, and simple, minimalistic designs. She has been included in the book “The Art of Interior Design” by Anne H. Scott as one of the top 50 interior designers of all time.