yes it is! At least in some provinces. Ontario is notorious for having a law that makes it illegal to own a fork in your own country. The law was recently changed by the provincial government and now forks can be eaten on airplanes. This is important because eating your food while flying is not recommended, and this doesn’t mean it’s illegal to have a fork in your carry-on bag.

No, it’s not. The law is meant to make sure forks and knives are used correctly, and that people are aware of the laws they’re breaking. The law makes it illegal for people to hold these forks in their mouths, and it also makes it illegal to eat and drink food in your carry-on luggage. It also makes it illegal to carry these forks on airplanes.

The law made it illegal to carry a fork in your carry-on luggage, and it made it illegal to eat food in your carry-on luggage. But, it doesn’t make it illegal to eat your food while you’re flying. It’s totally legal to carry a fork in your carry-on bag, and it’s totally legal to have a fork up your nose in your carry-on luggage.

Of course, it’s illegal to eat food while youre flying. But not for the reason a lot of people think. Most of the time it’s a safety issue. The idea is that flying is an activity that involves large amounts of food, and you can’t eat all of it while flying.

Well, if you wanna try to impress a girl, you can eat your food while youre flying. But not because youre trying to impress her. You can do it because it makes you look like a hoot.

Well, if you were a person with a small penis, or small penis-like appendages, you would be considered a threat to public safety. So you would have to eat your food while you were on the runway. Or else you would get the food on fire.

This is one of those things that’s very close to being a no-brainer. I mean, most Americans are very conscious of safety regulations when it comes to food, so there’s just no way you can get away with eating your food while you’re flying. But then again, there’s a lot of things that are very close to being no-brainers.

Actually, according to the new FAA regulations, it has been illegal since 2003 to “own a fork or knife or sharp implements, or any other object,” so technically you can be fined $200,000 if you do. But this new policy is just taking effect right now and they don’t expect to see many of those fines.

I dont think that people are just going to go out and buy a fork and try to fly with it. If youre trying to impress someone, or be the smartest person in the room, you might need to get a fork. In fact, I know I do. When I was in my early 20s, I started a band called the “Pitbulls.

The Pitbulls were a rock band that was a big deal in Calgary. I was the lead singer, and we were supposed to be the biggest thing in town. You know, the thing that everyone was talking about. And I remember being nervous and anxious because I was the star of the show, and I couldn’t believe that I was going to be the guy that everyone was talking about.