That’s a lot of money. The average state trooper makes somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000 a year, and there are currently 2,500 of them. That’s a lot of money, and that’s not including overtime, bonuses, and benefits.

That’s the salary of a state trooper. But what does that mean for a state trooper? Well, state troopers are employees of the state, and they’re paid by the state of Texas. They work in both their city and state. So if you live in Texas, you’re either a state trooper, or you’re an employee. If you’re an employee, you’re essentially a government employee.

The average state trooper (I’m assuming you meant state trooper here) makes about $50,000 a year, plus, bonus, and benefits. State troopers are a good deal for any state, but especially Texas. Texas is by far the largest state by population, and in recent years has had the highest percentage of its population in prison. That means a lot of Texans who work for the state, are basically doing work for themselves.

State troopers, as you may know, are law enforcement officials who are used to being on the force for a very long period of time. The typical state trooper takes about four to six years, depending on the job, to graduate from law school, and they become an officer. They are generally in their early twenties, and they take between four and six years to earn a promotion and become a trooper.

The typical state trooper earns about $20,000 a year or $60,000 a year after promotion, depending on the position. In Texas that’s about the same as a new house, and the state will pay for your home, your car, and a car for you. The state troopers also get to buy your home and car with a car allowance and a house allowance, and the state will pay for your car.

The more you make, the more it is paid to you. For example, a state trooper in Texas is making about $23,000 a year after promotion. The salary for a state trooper in Alabama, who you can expect to make about $23,000, is $25,000 a year after promotion.

The state will pay for your home if you make about $80,000. After that you can get a $150,000 mortgage deduction and a $1 million home loan if you make about $150,000.

You can expect to make less money if you’re not a state trooper.

The difference is that the state is paying for your home, and you’re on the other end of the state. This is great for anyone who has a “dream home.” It also helps those who don’t want to go through the hassle of buying and selling a house. If you have the best income, the best investment, and the best home, your state may pay for your home.

A state trooper is one who looks after our highways, bridges, and tunnels, and is therefore responsible for the upkeep of these public works. As a state trooper the state pays for all the maintenance and upkeep that is required. It also pays for all the equipment and vehicles that go into the state in order to maintain the state roads. As a state trooper, you get a tax deduction and a home loan as well.