I know that a lot of this post is about being paid for your time, but what about being paid to do things? How much does a legal secretary make? The average salary for a New York State lawyer is about $120,000 a year. That is just $9.50 an hour or $100,000 per year. That is pretty good considering the cost of living is over $35,000 a year in New York City.

Legal secretaries come in different forms, but in general they serve as a legal assistant. This is the person that someone has hired to be on the other end of documents or paperwork that needs to be signed by a lawyer. Typically, a legal assistant works for about 18 hours a week and then goes home, where they are typically paid a salary of around 50k a year.

It is a highly specialized occupation and not many people are able to work as a legal secretary. There are various classes of legal secretaries, all of which are well-paying.

Legal secretaries are generally someone with an advanced degree in law and a good understanding of contract law. In some cases, they are also able to do a lot of the legal work themselves. The job of a legal assistant is not as well-paid as it would be in a full-time job, but they do a ton of work for a fraction of what you would pay as an actual legal secretary.

The legal assistant job is a lot like a clerk job. They spend most of their time doing legal work and take on other work at the end of the day. Like the clerk job, the legal assistant job is part-time, so they are not salaried.

Like the clerk job, the legal assistant job is a lot like a regular job, in that they bill for their work, but they are not paid on a regular basis. Unlike the clerk job though, they actually have a set number of hours, which is set by the client. Like the clerk job, the legal assistant job is part-time, so they are not salaried.

A lot of the legal assistants you see on TV are actually part-time secretaries. Because you can only have one set of hours per client, you need to be flexible to work at a different time each day. Because you cannot bill for every hour worked, it is not actually an hourly job, and the legal assistant will work on a fixed schedule.

A lot of legal assistants, like the ones shown on TV, are not really legal secretaries. They are administrative assistants who also work with the legal department, and are used to make certain things seem more official. They also are used to help the client keep track of things like what time a meeting is, or what the client is taking. Legal assistant jobs are still considered full-time jobs, but they are more often part-time.

Legal assistants make more money than a lot of people realize, and they can find work with a variety of different jobs. They can be secretaries, paralegals, or administrative assistants. They can also be people who are just taking a break from a full-time legal job and taking a break from work as well.

You can find work that has more of a variety of different jobs, but the main career path that most people end up taking is a legal assistant job. The main difference between a lawyer and an attorney is that an attorney is basically a second-class citizen, and a legal assistant has to be a little bit better than that. Legal assistants make up about 15 to 20 percent of the U.S. workforce.