According to the 2016-2017 Philadelphia Police Department Annual Report, the police department in Philadelphia made $3,723,962.00 in 2016-2017. This means that the officers who are in charge of the police force in Philadelphia make, on average, $1,837,054.00.

This is definitely a lot, so how much does a police officer make in a day? To put it in perspective, a good cop in Philadelphia makes, on average, about 3.9 million dollars per year. This is a lot of money for a police department to pay, and yet it’s still less than the total cost of the NYPD’s operating budget for 2016-2017.

It goes without saying, but the fact that a police officer makes a lot of money is not just because the police department is a large employer. The reason is that a police officer is also paid a lot of overtime. However, most police departments don’t pay overtime. Instead, most police departments use overtime pay as a way to compensate officers for the inconvenience of working from home.

The main reason for the police department to pay overtime is so officers can make a larger living. The other reason, it seems, is because police officers are often very good at what they do. A good example is the NYPDs highly trained narcotics unit, which is the unit that deals with drug trafficking. The unit is made up of officers who are extremely well trained and skilled, especially in the field of narcotics.

Some of the things officers do well are to get the word out in the street that it’s okay to stay home. That’s what we’ve done. It’s a lot, and we just need a reason.

The reason we make a larger living is because weve made a lot of arrests in the past few years that were extremely violent. Its hard to make a living if you make a lot of arrests. And most of those arrests were in the drug trade.

In fact, the most recent arrest Ive made was for a guy who had 2,500 pounds of meth in his garage, and he was only arrested because he had nothing to do with it. He had no idea that the meth was in his garage.

Yeah, we make a pretty good living. Ive spent many years in the drug trade, and Ive been arrested more than my fair share. But the big difference is that most of the arrests that we make aren’t violent. We make them because its an addiction that is killing people, and its just not worth it to us to kill people. We were trying to kill a guy, and the cop who arrested us was so pissed he shot his finger.

Chp officer, huh? As in a policeman? He’s a cop’s cop. We aren’t his “specials”, I guess. We’re the ones that have to deal with the crazies. We have to arrest them, but we don’t have to kill them. Of course, we have to take care of them too.

According to the FBI, Chp officers make between $27,000 and $36,000 a year, based on the federal government’s most recent numbers. That’s not all. Chp officers make up to $23,000 in overtime, according to some studies. There are also some studies that show that officers make a little over $17,000 a year, with a high school education.