Border Patrol agents earn approximately $40,000 per year and make an average of about $49,000 per year. That means they make around $90,000 a year.

Agents in Texas earn considerably more money than most other states. In fact, the average salary of an agent in Texas is nearly double the average salary of an agent in Georgia.

The average border patrol agent also comes from a country where the average income of an American is less than 7% of the gross national income of the country. Texas has an average income of almost $60,000 per year.

This is a good statistic because it proves that Americans are more willing to pay a little more tax than other countries. In fact, the average American will pay more in taxes than any other country in the world. This is because Americans are more willing to share the wealth. Even when the government is not making as much money as other countries, it still spends a lot of money to help the poor and needy.

This is a relatively common misconception. The truth is that taxes aren’t that high in Texas. Most people that we talk to have heard that the Texas state income tax is the highest, but really think of it as the highest when you actually compare it to other states. The reason is because if you include all of the taxes that are not federal in a state, you find that other states don’t even come close to that tax rate.

In fact, I heard the words “tax” and “interest” in a few different languages, but most of the time they are not used for anything that might affect the income level of a state or country.

The point here is that the Texas tax rate is high because it is not a federal government tax. So as you can imagine, the Texas government can be quite sneaky about it. They are not afraid to use the tax code to collect money that they probably couldnt otherwise.

For example, there is no income tax in Texas, but there is a sales tax. And there is a property tax. And there is a property transfer tax. And there is a vehicle registration tax. And there is a water tax. And there is a recycling tax. And there is a fuel tax. And there is a gasoline tax. And there is a waste disposal tax. And there is a tax on all vehicles.

So just like the local police in the U.S. are paid on a per-hour basis to perform their duties, they are also paid per-vehicle. And that means that they earn money by stealing from the public using vehicles that are registered in the state. In Texas, it’s called “sales tax,” and in California it’s called “transaction tax.

And the state, while not a border state, is in a very high-tax area. For example, Texas has a sales tax on everything from clothes to food to alcohol. In the southern part of the state there is a state tax of 15 percent on everything and a state excise tax of 12 percent on everything.