Geography is a fun way to break down the problems faced by police officers. For those that are new to patrol, there are six different locations throughout the state, each with a different role.

Each location has a different job description and what the job entails. These jobs are broken down into two categories; patrol and investigative. The investigative aspect takes place in the county, while the patrol aspect takes place in the cities.

This is the part where I make a joke about the differences between patrol and investigative. The most important difference is that patrol is basically the exact same job description as investigative. They are both part of the state police and both have their specific tasks to perform. Of course, with patrol, they also have the added responsibility of stopping criminals and solving crimes.

And investigating is where we find the real differences in the two jobs. Investigative is mostly concerned with finding and recovering evidence while patrol focuses on catching criminals and bringing them to justice. The main difference between the two is that patrol is very physical whereas investigative is more in the realm of non-physical. The former uses firearms and the latter uses electronic surveillance.

We find out that patrol is very physical in the sense that they wear uniforms and carry guns, but it’s not very physical in the sense that they have to use them. They’re still considered police, but they have to be a lot more thorough with evidence, and they often use a lot of technology. The state patrol job, on the other hand, mostly uses technology to investigate and recover evidence. They often have computers and scanners to help them do their work.

The state patrol job is sort of a combination of the police, fire, and even the military. They use guns, uniforms, and the like to do their jobs. It’s probably the job you would be doing if you were in law enforcement but not in your home. The state patrol job works both ways too, however. You’re also a part of the state patrol as they patrol your home. So you’d be in the police department and in the state patrol department.

Like cop, state patrol is a job that requires a license and training. State patrol is not something you would normally think of as a job you would be doing at home. The job can be frustrating to some people, and definitely a lot of the time it seems to be understaffed. It also seems to be a job that comes with a lot of requirements from the state.

Its easy to become a state patrol officer. You can get a job with the police department, or the state patrol, as it is sometimes called. And many people who are in the state patrol are also in the police department. You can even get a job with both the state and police departments. You get the state patrol job if you are going to have to be in the state police department all the time.

But what about the state patrol jobs that don’t require you to be in the state police department? That just seems weird.

What is weird is that state patrol jobs that dont require you to be in the state police department are generally a lot more difficult. You have to have a license, be willing to work the midnight shift, and be willing to sign a bond when you get out. You also have to be willing to do all of the paperwork, and the whole shebang. You don’t get this job if you are a lawyer or an accountant.