Yes. I’ve been a private investigator for over 15 years. The last few years have been particularly busy for me, as I’ve been doing quite a bit of investigating. I’ve been contacted by police from around the country and have done several investigations for them with their help. I’ve also been hired by private citizens to do investigative work to help them with their criminal cases. I’ve been involved in both legal and illegal investigations.

I started my career as a private investigator, but Ive since expanded my scope to include corporate investigations and criminal investigations. It’s a lot more fun because you can get in touch with people that are in more than one industry where you can actually talk to them face to face.

What I dislike about private investigations is that they often seem to depend on people to be cooperative with them and I’m still not sure I know what I am doing. The best case I can think of is the case of a private investigator who was hired by a gang to find and kill a rival gangster. The gangster was really helpful, offered to have the investigator killed if it was in the investigator’s interest, and even offered to pay for the informant.

Private investigators are usually not police officers, but are often detectives or other criminal investigators. Private detectives might be hired by private companies to do private work, usually criminal investigations. Like the investigator in the example above, private detectives might not always be police officers, but they can often be hired by private companies to do private work.

There are a number of reasons that private investigators might want to hire someone to do private work for them, including cases where the private investigator might be paid in exchange for information or evidence. In some cases, the private detective may be able to use evidence that is gathered in an investigation to help in their own cases.

A similar idea is the use of private investigators by the military to help the police and the military in matters. The private investigator is often an outsider to the organization who can help by learning from the investigators and getting insight into the organization’s policies and procedures. In some cases, the private investigator may be better suited than the investigator for the job because he or she has a more established history with the organization and the information they need.

The private investigator who works for a private company is an outsider and has no established history with the organization. In other words, the investigator may be better suited for the job because he or she has a more established history with the organization and the information they need.

This is the case with Private Investigator David Pritchard of L.A. Pritchard. He is the private investigator for the private investigation firm, L.A. Pritchard. He is also a police officer.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pritchard’s entire organization is staffed by police officers. It’s not just the private investigators who work with the police. Most private investigators are police officers. You might also hear about police officers who work for private investigations as well.

Private investigators and police officers have worked together before, but in L.A. Pritchard, they are able to work more freely because of the partnership between the two. The private investigation firm is also affiliated with the police department. Both the private and police departments work together to solve crimes, and both work towards the same ends. You can also hear about the private investigator’s efforts to uncover the identity of the murderer of singer, songwriter, and actor, Janis Ian.