I was asked this question once again in an interview, so I thought it was worth asking in the first place.

This was the answer I came up with with my wife. She loves Chicago, but she also hates arson investigators. “They’re the guys who get the shit scared out of people!” she said. “They’re the guys who, when they’re at it, do it themselves.

There are two kinds of arsonists. One is the regular guy. Theyre the guys who just want to have fun. They can be a little reckless, but most of the time theyre pretty safe. The other kind are arsonists who are actually really good at what they do. These arsonists usually have at least some kind of training or knowledge, and if they know what theyre doing it takes them a lot longer to burn through a building.

The Fire Department of Chicago is the largest city fire department in the US and is the only fire department that does fire inspections on the city water system. This is made possible by the fact that Chicago is a very densely populated area, with a high percentage of buildings that have either a sprinkler or an air-conditioner. This is why fire investigators are so important for Chicago.

When the department is fire inspection time arrives, the first step is to determine where the fire started. This is usually done by investigating the water main connection to the structure. However, when these investigations are complete, the second step is to determine why the fire started. This is done by examining the structure and any exposed wiring. A fire is often caused by a sudden electrical surge or electrical overload. A spark can be easily sparked by rubbing two pieces of metal together so they touch one another.

While the water main is the easiest to start with, the second step is often the most difficult. If a fire starts in an air-tight space, air can get trapped in the walls and ceiling. The air can then be drawn into the structure as heat. In the case of an electrical fire, insulation can be damaged and conductive material can make a short circuit. In addition, most fireplaces are rated for a minimum of three hours of operation before the fire is considered dangerous.

To get a better idea of how dangerous certain fires can be, we spoke to the owner of an apartment building in Chicago that was damaged by a fire that started in the air tight space between the roof and the wall of the apartment building. He said that there were dozens of fireplaces on the floor of the apartment and it was one of those places where there was no air to breathe.

What he was describing was a real fire, and in some ways it’s worse than the one we live in here in Chicago, which isn’t a fire. The point is that the air in an apartment building is designed to be extremely dangerous. It is designed to be very flammable and extremely hot.

The fire that happened this summer in Chicago was a fire that began in the roof of a building that burned down about ten years ago. It is said that the fire was caused by a fire sprinkler system. We actually do live in an apartment building where there is no fire.