I’m getting a little worried about the pace of this blog. I know that I’ve already asked about the process of writing and then asked you about the process of doing. I know that I’ve already asked about you and you’ve already told me that you’re willing to answer questions and will do so very quickly.

I think I agree with that. It seems like the other day I asked you about how you thought about the writing process. You said you always wanted to write short stories but that you never got to do it. Well, there you go. That was the answer I expected to get. I have to confess, I was a little confused. Why is it so hard to write short stories? I have to admit I didn’t know the answer either.

I didn’t know either because the writing process seems to me something that is very difficult and very hard for most people. As if we could just write the first few paragraphs and suddenly we were good. But I’m not sure it is so simple, or even possible. In fact, I’m very skeptical that such a thing is even possible.

Im sure that this is not the first time that somebody has asked that question. The answer to why it is so hard to write short stories is probably one of the most common ones; “because you just dont know how to write a short story.” It’s usually followed by: “and your first time is the hardest part.

One of the reasons that writing is hard is because you don’t know what the end of a story is. A new writer is at a loss how to introduce new characters, who would they be, what their lives would be like, etc. Because when you write short stories, you don’t know if the story is going to end before you even start. You don’t know what the ending is going to be. That can be tough to write. It is even harder to write a novel.

This week’s review is for those who are looking for more information and resources.

The first time someone tells you that they know the ending of a story, they are usually wrong. A good novel will have a few twists and turns that you will be reading through in order to find out who the main characters are, and why they are doing what they are doing. When a novel ends, it is done. The people who are in the story are supposed to be happy, and the reader is supposed to be left feeling like they had a good time.

One thing I do find interesting is when a novel ends, the characters do not actually die. Instead, the reader is sent to an alternate universe where the characters have gone to. This is because, if you were to write a novel that ended in one place, everyone would die.

This is why I love the idea of Alternate Universes. If you have a novel that ends in a different universe, you can write your character’s alternate realities in your novel. In this case you may think they are dead, but they are in a new universe. So your readers will be confused and upset, but they won’t know the characters are fictional. They will feel like they have had a good time.