Yes they certainly are, so that is what they are called, but there exists a whole other group of law enforcement officers that are classified as correctional officers. These officers are the ones that are charged by the state or the municipality, and they are there to protect the safety of the people that the officer is supposed to protect.

In this group, we have the police officers that are the ones that are on patrol and protecting the law in the communities. They work together with the correctional officers to ensure that the people who are supposed to be protected by the law are doing it. Police officers are the ones that are the ones that aren’t on patrol, and they are there to protect the people that the police officers are supposed to protect.

It does make sense though because people who get incarcerated are very often the ones that don’t take care of their own lives. There are very few incarcerated people that have jobs and many of their jobs are doing things that aren’t necessary. It’s a lot like prison inmates work their way up to the prison guard role.

The question is whether the people who are incarcerated should also be considered law enforcement.

Correctional officers are supposed to be law enforcement, but in practice it’s a lot more difficult. People who are incarcerated often have no other job prospects so they can’t find something else to do. Also, they are not employed by the government. They are paid by the person that is incarcerated.

When people get incarcerated, they are often given very limited work options. Most people in prison are not offered jobs. This is a good thing. We all want to be able to work, but it seems that this is the biggest hurdle that needs to be overcome to allow for this to happen.

The most common reason for incarceration is that someone is convicted of a crime. These are people who have violated laws and are in prison. While in prison, they are supervised by a probation officer and their freedom is limited to that of the prison. They are not allowed to leave the prison and can only be employed outside the prison. They have to be held in the state prison for the jail time they already have to serve. They are not allowed to have employment outside the prison.

Of course, it’s a bad idea to be in prison, and people in prison are in for life. This doesn’t mean they are bad people. It just means that they are not free to do what they want.

These things are called ‘restorative justice’. They are used to deal with some of the hardest issues and issues that make people feel like their rights have been violated. In short, the goal is to make it so that when someone in the community is unjustly incarcerated they feel like they have the right to get justice by having the person responsible for the injustice removed from power and responsibility.

The thing is, it’s a bit of a grey area. Is a correctional officer a law enforcement officer? It depends on who you ask. Some people consider them to be a police officer. But if you ask a person who has been arrested, that person is not law enforcement. If you ask a person who is being arrested, and you ask them who is their law enforcement, they will say “I don’t know”.