I read a recent Wall Street Journal article that reported that the average pay for a 911 call responder is $50,000. This is a rather small salary, and it was about $6k per year. I was disappointed that the article didn’t say how much it was for a dispatcher. I still think it is a small salary but at least it is something.

The salary for a 911 call responder is about half of what a firefighter earns in California. The other half comes from a much larger state government pension fund. The 911 call responder is one of the most highly trained and educated emergency responders out there, and thus, the pay for a 911 call responder is not insignificant.

What the article did say was that the national 911 industry salary ranks very highly. In fact, a high salary is one of the most important factors for an individual to be hired as a 911 call responder. In states that offer the same hourly wage as the federal government, it is very difficult to find a 911 call responder who has a good job. For example, in my home state of California, the average annual salary for 911 call responder is about 7.7k.

In general, most of us are unaware of the salary differences between the federal and state levels of government. The 911 agency in my state has a $40,000 annual salary. In other states, the 911 agency is paid about $10,000, $20,000, and even $30,000. As a 911 call responder, the big difference in salary is between the federal and the state 911 agencies.

The federal 911 agency is paid almost as much as the state 911 agency, however, most members of the 911 community are unaware of its salary difference. This is because the 911 community is split between the government-contracting and the government-assisting 911 agencies.

The difference is, of course, in the money. In the federal agency, the 911 call is not a business. It is a mission, and the 911 call responder is a person who will do whatever is asked of him. The 911 call responder is there to do his job, but the person who makes the 911 call is just there for the money. In the state 911 agency, 911 call responder pay is the same as a 911 call responder in another state.

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